flume – jewel

One of my favourite albums of 2019 was Flume’s ‘Hi This Is Flume’ because of its unique sound palette, unpredictable melodies, and creative rhythms. Filled with electronic beats and synths some may call harsh or experimental, the album isn’t easy listening for most. For this reason I had a lot of fun transcribing ‘Jewel’ and arranging it for piano because it allowed me to shift away from pop arrangements and work with some almost impressionist-like piano effects. I also had something I wanted to prove. Producers tend to get a lot of bad rep in the classical community. The laptop as an instrument is often seen as a sign of inferior musical capability and creativity. By arranging ‘Jewel’ for an accessible instrument like the piano, I believe I was successful in demonstrating the underlying beauty and musical talent producers like Flume possess for ears unaccustomed to this stream of music.

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