music for children with special needs

a video that i filmed and edited that documents an event organized by my friend Abigail Ayala. the video showcases the days’ activities and her afterthoughts.


for weeks i had no idea what i wanted to make for my final project for VISA 183 (contemporary visual arts). time was running out and i was going nowhere. i resorted to music—what i know best—and chose to look at it in the most abstract way i could. music is a time-based art created using sound. i wanted to tie in my feelings of going nowhere, lacking ideas, and frustration with these abstract ideas of what music is. i realized that a clock, while perhaps the best symbol for time, also shared twelve points, like the number of notes within an octave. furthermore, i noticed that clocks typically have three arms and that their endlessly cycling nature is much like the three spiraling octaves of the auditory illusion known as the shepard tone. the shepard tone, with its seemingly endless rise yet lack of destination tied together the abstractions i had determined for what music was (sound and time) while also representing the feelings i had as i searched for an idea for this project with no avail. with the audio in place, i then started to create the visuals in Adobe After Effects. clouds move overhead yet loop and fade into one another, and a clock’s arms circle endlessly overtop an expansive, desolate, grey plane. everything comes together to form the embodiment of an uninspired mind and a looming deadline.

attack of the killer tomatoes

this was a fun project for FIPR 339 (introduction to film editing) where we made short music videos using found footage. i pulled video clips from the 1978 film Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and synced it to the song Tomato Land by Tennyson.


had some fun with some footage I never used (for its original purpose)